Green Martial Arts Lion King – Fujian Green Lion 福建青武獅王

teck guan green lion

teck guan green lion

Green Martial Arts Lion King – Fujian Green Lion has been popular among the folks in Fujian since ancient times. 

Its origin came from Tang Dynasty and Yuan Dynasty, and is known for its imagery of upholding courage and justice in essence through a fierce face but merciful heart as preached by the Tibetan Buddhism. 



In early Qing Dynasty, this imagery became established as the representation of justice.  Yongchun martial arts integrated martial arts and arts in early Qing Dynasty, and combined the accomplishments from the battle formation techniques and its drumming music developed by General Qi’s army in Ming Dynasty.  Therefore Green Lion is referred to as martial arts lion, not dancing lion. 

The Great Grand Master Kan Teck Guan, upon the success of Dr. Sun Yet-san’s revolution, presented a special performance to commemorate the conclusion of a historical dynasty, which moved many people.  The disciples of the Great Grand Master Kan Teck Guan through the generations have all been very proud of Martial Arts Green Lion. 

As the Third Generation Leading Grand Master of the Great Grand Master Kan Teck Guan, I am honored to carry the heavy and meaningful responsibility of fostering his distinguished arts and travel a journey that is long and challenging.

Fujian Shaolin Chinese Medicine Tieda〔跌打〕

Fujian Shaolin Chinese Medicine Tieda is a unique subject area of medicine.

Tie Da


The medicine of this school is passed down by the Great Grand Master Kan Teck Guan and is originated from Yellow Emperor’s Classic Internal and External Books.

During the times of Fang Zhangguang and Fang Qiniang, authors of White Crane Medicine Book, special techniques and sophisticated treatment theories were developed, which were practiced through many generations and experiences have been accumulated since then until the present.

Bob Kho Zhong Shi, with his primary training and background in medicine, has treated many illnesses successfully where many medical practioners failed.  Bob Kho Zhong Shi carries the family teaching and tradition and leads a life that is centered on serving the people in the world.  He not only provides medical treatments to patients, but also actively passes his knowledge and skills to his students with the hope to advance the great aspiration of the Great Grand Master.